Introducing the world's first motorcycle visor insert with electronic tint on demand.

Speed. Control. Protection.

Lighting conditions on a ride change fast and your visor should too. Developed for the Air Force, now adapted for the rider; the e-Tint® LCD motorcycle insert is the world's first insert with electronic tint on demand. Experience the unprecedented freedom and safety of riding without the need of carrying extra visors or wearing sunglasses.

Other adaptive liquid crystal technology can have certain drawbacks. Photochromic products require you to wait until the full transition from light to dark is complete. Electrochromic systems are current-driven and consume more power. e-Tint® is the fastest responding and most energy-efficient technology on the market. It offers instantaneous tint with the blink of an eye. Control your tint manually with the touch of a button, or set it to change automatically. With e-Tint® you change instantly!

So let your visor do the work, just sit back and ride.

Rollover Image To Change Tint

The e-Tint LCD motorcycle visor insert is battery operated and installs into your faceshield in minutes. Low voltage is applied to the liquid crystal system and in less than a second you experience darker tint. Safety features include a "fail safe" mechanism which allows the insert to default to clear in the event of a power failure. Our superior anti-fog coating is enhanced by the thermal qualities of the double lens and serves for all conditions riding.

  • Automatic and Manual Control
  • Superior anti-fog coating
  • Fail-safe mechanism
  • Additional UV protection
  • USB rechargeable lithium battery
  • Easy no-tool installation